Angeles City Philippines. The entertainment capital of the Philippines, a place where men of all ages trek to find their dream date. Its the mecca of dating and personals for singles. The city has a dynamic nightlife entertainment which originated in Fields Avenue, a perfect place to find a dream date. Contributing to the economic boom are the resurrected nightlife ventures in this famous Fields Avenue strip, which then spilled over to other streets in Balibago, Angeles City. This humble provincial town has undergone a total transformation with its growing number of bars, clubs, upscale girly clubs, discos, KTV bars, live band clubs, and other nightlife establishments.
The title of being the entertainment capital of North Luzon is due to the active nightlife in Angeles City. Its entertainment district comes alive as the sun sets in the west. This area is lined with bars and clubs where one can spend the night partying. The place has been described as asleep during the day and awake at night on more than one occasion - even though there are plenty of great fun and shopping spots around the city as well. Other than partying every night, there are other destinations and things to do in Angeles and around in Pampanga.
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Find here all the exciting bars and nightlife places in the entertainment district of Balibago in Angeles City. Enjoy your bar hopping experience and may you find beautiful and sexy ladies for a night of extraordinary dating.
Located among the fertile farmland of the rich Central Luzon plain, Angeles City was established more than 200 years ago as an administrative and commercial center in Pampanga Province. Many former U.S military personnel have chosen Angeles as their retirement option and the city’s boost a large expatriate community. Tourist are attracted to the relaxed lifestyle, the vibrant nightlife and the city’s proximity to many of Luzon’s major attractions.
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Angeles City, approximately 87 km. north of Manila, offers most entertainment and leisure activities, right at its doorstep.
The night-life is ever increasing, and new tourist clubs are continually opening their doors. The local Philippine people are English speaking and friendly. These are good reasons to spend your vacation in what is now claimed to be; “The Entertainment Capital”.
The time-zone in the Philippines is GMT+8hours. Most people can get by without knowing the exact time here however, as all public transport runs continuously (24hrs.), but less often after 10PM. The ‘wet season’ is from June to October, but this does not affect any tourist related venues.
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